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For sexy, chic Dragonette fans!
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Welcome to LiveJournal's first Dragonette fan page! Here, you will find many links, graphics (icons/wallpapers/etc.), news coverage, media, and etceteras about Dragonette!

Feel free to post any thing about the band! Posts are moderated to keep out spammers, community whores, & misc. This community exists solely on the premise of the appreciation, love, admiration, fandom, and joy of Dragonette.

From Last.fm: Dragonette are a part-Canadian part-British electropop music band. They are currently signed to Mercury UK.

The band is made up of Canadian singer Martina Sorbara, her husband Dan Kurtz, Joel Stouffer and Will Stapleton (who replaced original guitarist Simon Craig following the band’s move to London). Martina is a successful singer-songwriter in Canada, and Dan Kurtz a member of the popular livetronica trio The New Deal. Martina’s father is Greg Sorbara, Ontario’s Liberal Finance Minister. Martina has since referred to the work she produced as a solo artist as “tampon music”.

So come one, come all! "Take it like a man," "get lucky," and be "marvelous!"

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