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Dragonette: Top 10 Tracks of 2010 for Hard Candy


It’s rapidly approaching the end of the year, and if you are a music junkie like Matt & I, you may be thinking about putting together some lists of the best music released in 2010. We will be bringing you our personal ‘best of’ lists before the year is out. This year, as an extra treat, we’ve also asked some of our most loved acts to get into the mix and send us their personal favorite tracks of the year! We love hearing what our favorite bands are listening to and thought you’d love to know also. This either results in us saying “Snap!” or having something new to check out, a win on both counts!

The artist we bring you is Dragonette! We saw them play live twice this year, interviewed them for the third time and devoured their summer release Mixin To Thrill, that features remixed Fixin To Thrill tracks and three banging new ones. Now it is time to find out what were the band listening to this year!

Beach House -- “Zebra

Everyone needs a little dreamy pop now and again…and these guys sure know how to deliver! This song makes us think of warm sunny days…and don’t we need a bit of that right now!

Diamond Rings -- “Something Else

Fellow Canadian Diamond Rings seems to be everywhere these days! We had the pleasure of playing a Pop Montreal show with him in Sept ’09. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of Diamond Rings in 2010!

Drake -- “Over

What can we say, Drake is undeniable!

Goldfrapp -- “Rocket

It’s like 21st Century Fleetwood Mac…and we like that!

Kanye West -- “All Of The Lights

Love him or hate him, Kanye delivers. This track is epic in the best way.

LCD Soundsystem -- “Drunk Girls

LCD Soundsystem is our go to for getting the dance party started and this track is a great example why. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like drunk girls?!

Rihanna -- “What’s My Name

Despite not being able to remember her name, Rihanna really knows how to deliver an infectious hook. That, and she’s super hot.

Robyn -- “Dancing On My Own”

Somehow Robyn can turn unrequited love into a strobing dance party. If life were only that easy…

Sleigh Bells -- “Tell ‘Em

This track frightens us…in a good way. If we were a sports team, this would definitely be on high rotation on our pre game playlist

Yeasayer -- “One

It’s like world-beat funk…but instead of being annoying it’s awesome! More awesome world-beat funk please!

Dragonette are currently in the studio over in Brazil and we’re really hoping that we get a new album from them in 2011!

p.s. The band have just launched a forum on their official site, on which they will be active! So sign up here. -- Camille

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